The latest issue of the journal is available in two e-reader formats: EPUB and Kindle (MOBI). Follow the instructions below to load the file to your device.

iPad users

iPad users can choose to read either the EPUB file in iBooks or the MOBI file in the Kindle app (if installed). Download the applicable file, then selection the option to open the file in either iBooks or the Kindle app when prompted by Safari.

Kindle users

Kindle users should download the MOBI file to their computer, then follow Amazon’s instructions for transferring the file to their Kindle device.

Smartphone users

Most smartphone users should be able to read the EPUB file if they have an e-reader app installed. Download the file to your phone, then open it in your e-reader app.

If you have an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device with the Kindle app installed, you can also download the MOBI file and read it in the Kindle app.