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Article title: The impact of a renal supportive care service on symptom control, advance care planning and place of death for patients with advanced chronic kidney disease managed without dialysis
Author name(s): Claire Douglas, Joanne Sloan, Sarah Cathcart, Louisa Adam, Samira Bell, Lorna Frame, Miles D Witham and Maureen E Lafferty
Journal: British Journal of Renal Medicine
Issue: Autumn 2019, Volume 24 Number 3
Pages: 60-65

The authors describe how they redesigned their renal supportive care (RSC) service for patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) managed without dialysis, to enable consultations over a wide geographical area and within the community. The redesigned service includes an RSC nurse, a renal consultant and a palliative medicine consultant. The main components of the service are continuing care of CKD without dialysis, symptom assessment and management, and advance care planning.

Article title: Acute kidney injury: the business of risk
Author name(s): Miles D Witham, Helen Hobbs, Christopher K Farmer, Lui G Forni & Andrew J P Lewington.
Journal: British Journal of Renal Medicine
Issue: Autumn 2016, Volume 21 Number 3
Pages: 81-85
Intro: Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a medical emergency that commonly occurs in primary and secondary care. The National Confidential Enquiry into Perioperative Deaths report found that AKI was avoidable in 30% of patients who died from AKI in hospitals. The cost of caring for patients with AKI has been estimated to be £1.02 billion in England. NHS England has prioritised AKI as an area for quality improvement and has positioned AKI in the Patient Safety workstream, establishing the Think Kidneys AKI Programme.

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